Hack The Building 2.0 Hospital Edition

CAE Student Preliminary Virtual Cyber Exercise Event Registration

Please use the form below to register your team to participate in The Hack The Building 2.0 Hospital Edition Preliminary Virtual Cyber Exercise tentative dates: March 20 – 24; March 27-31 :  Students will be selected to participate in ONE of the weeks listed

Registration closes March 10. 

Only the top 12 performing teams will be selected to participate in the main event occurring physically Sept 18-22, 2023 in Chicago at Moraine Valley Community College . Participation in the main event will provide you access to the entire event to include technical trainings, presentations and more! We look forward to seeing you there!

Coaches should use the form to register. Requirements to register include:

  1. NSA CAE Accredited University
  2. Ability for the same students to participate in the virtual preliminary event March – April 2023 as the main event in September 2023 in Chicago, IL
  3. Only one team per school is able to compete in the preliminary event
  4. All teams must participate either offense or defense for both the preliminary and the main event (I.e. if registered as a red team, you cannot switch to a blue team at any point)
  5. The Preliminary event is completely virtual! No travel is required.