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Welcome to Hack The Universe, a collective of hacking events by MISI, DreamPort and inspired by US Cyber Command. We could be coming to a city near you. Join us at our next destination.

Where to Next?

Coming Fall 2023

Coming Winter 2022

Just Boarded Fall 2022

Coming Fall 2023

Date TBA


Hack The
Building 2.0

hospital Edition

Coming Fall 2023 


Learn more about how you can get involved with AvengerConVII. Access Training registration and Andy Greenberg’s Book Talk

Coming Nov 30 – Dec 1 to Columbia, Maryland

Hack The

Just Boarded on October 18 2022. Coming again soon in 2023 to Columbia Maryland

Hack The

The best in cybersecurity come together for a week of events in south Florida. Featuring cyber exercises, presentations and trainings.

Coming Soon to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Hack The

Featuring a Red on Blue Team Cyber Exercise for Professionals and University Students 

Coming Soon to Columbia, Maryland

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